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The Carrington at Lincolnwood - Group of Seniors Outside

A Little Assistance, a Lot of Wow! Assisted Living is a Whole New Ballgame.

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As the population ages, and nearly 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 each day over the next 15 years, it’s good to know that lifestyle choices for those needing some assistance with daily living are changing too. You can toss out that idea of an institutional environment or a boring routine with nothing to do. Today’s seniors are discovering a world of opportunities and inspiration in an environment that often calls to mind a fine hotel.

And why not? At The Carrington at Lincolnwood, positive, potential-filled senior living helps residents remain as self-reliant as possible, even when health challenges arise. Simply put, you might need a hand now and then, but you are eager as ever to learn, laugh and enjoy new experiences, make new friends and stay in control of your life.

This kind of next-generation assisted living offers an array of advantages that are all part of Carrington FIRST—putting our residents first in every way.

For example:

  • Familiar comfort. You haven’t lost your sense of style. That is why each of the beautiful 88 assisted living residences is well appointed and designed to make it easy to add your personal touch, calling it home. It’s reassuring to relax and enjoy the day knowing everything The Carrington at Lincolnwood offers is nearby. Striking studios and apartments with one or two bedrooms are available and feature thoughtful details such as a half-kitchen, walk-in closets, a large bath and more.
  • Ease of living. At the Carrington, the stress of daily household chores, preparing meals or even getting to physician’s appointments, the hairdresser or other services is gone. The Carrington provide all this and more for one monthly rental fee, so you can turn your attention to something much more fun like learning to paint, giggling with your grandchildren, or watching your dog play in The Carrington dog park. here will be neighbors to meet, birthdays to celebrate, or simply time to bask in some welcome sunshine.
  • Safety & security. Enjoying day-to-day hobbies and new pastimes is a breeze when you feel safe and secure. At The Carrington at Lincolnwood, assisted living residents know a highly professional staff is on hand to help with bathing, dressing, mobility and other personal needs. What’s more, it feels good to spend your days knowing what you need is right at your fingertips. No more need to rely on family, friends or paid caretakers. At The Carrington, there is even an EMT on-site as well as 24-hour security.
  • Friends & social interaction. Regularly engaging in fun and relaxing activities can lower your blood pressure, help you avoid weight gain and lower cortisol, the stress hormone that has a negative effect on your health. The Carrington offers a full calendar of fun and stimulating activities and events that keep you engaged, entertained and looking forward to each day.
  • Lifelong wellness. This is the key to successful aging, and living in a senior living community that focuses on all eight dimensions of wellness like The Carrington at Lincolnwood gives you a tremendous advantage towards staying active, healthy and inspired.

These are just a few of the reasons why assisted living can be an exceptional choice. There are many more. One thing is for sure: you don’t have to compromise at The Carrington at Lincolnwood retirement community—you can enjoy a rich, supportive lifestyle that puts you FIRST!

Help is Just a Moment Away Here

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“A desire to feel safe and secure is strong motivation for older adults considering a move to a retirement community. Therefore, when we had the opportunity to pursue this unique partnership, we were delighted to do so,” said Stephen Kennery, executive director of The Carrington at Lincolnwood senior living community.” South Bay Partners, developers for The Carrington, collaborated with the Village of Lincolnwood to establish an EMT station on-site.

The Carrington at Lincolnwood is a rental senior living community being built on a beautiful 13-acre campus in the heart of Lincolnwood. Set to open in February, The Carrington will offer independent living, assisted living, and memory support.

Adam Arnold of South Bay Partners explained that during the construction approval process with various Village of Lincolnwood entities, a concern was voiced early on. “Officials wanted to be proactive about EMT traffic of the new retirement community that would be home to hundreds of seniors. That’s a common question when we’re developing a new campus,” Arnold said. “Providing an EMT satellite station became a logical project on which we could partner with the Village. We are building a garage, office, and sleeping space at The Carrington, so that there can be EMTs and an ambulance on-site 24/7. It’s a wonderful idea for all parties involved; the ultimate win-win situation.”

“What this means to our residents is that help will always be just a moment or two away. The security of knowing this will be a strong motivator for people moving to the community. They’ll feel safe living here. It’s very unique, but makes a whole lot of sense,” said Kennery.

Other distinctive characteristics of The Carrington include its monthly rental fee, reserved under-building parking, indoor pool and fitness center, four libraries, multiple dining venues, hair salon/spa, gardens, dog park and walking trails. The Carrington is also introducing a unique Life Plan Program which guarantees a 15-day stay at a preferred provider if needed, for skilled care.

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Hospitality from the Ground Up

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Stephen Kennery is executive director of The Carrington at Lincolnwood, a Chicago-area life plan rental senior living community under construction and slated to open in January. The community will be managed by Life Care Services.

Kennery has a background in hospitality and more than 15 years of experience in senior living. Fifteen years ago, he was recruited by a company that owned five senior living communities. He was in charge of food and beverage for the corporation while simultaneously helping to open seven more communities. He left when the ownership changed in 2016, and he moved to take the reins at The Carrington earlier this year.

Kennery was born in New York City and spent much of his adult life in Northern California. His formal education was in political science and geology, but his professional experience was largely in restaurants.

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The Carrington Blog – Pet ownership

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There is no denying that the special relationships we have in our life affect our health and well-being in a positive way. The connections we forge not only offer companionship and a sense of belonging, but research reveals that the health benefits of these ties also have a positive impact on physical and mental prowess to boot.

We know that social bonds foster a sense of belonging, cultivate trust, and provide camaraderie, but they also produce chemicals within our body that enhance mood, decrease anxiety and increase empathy. Researchers are discovering that these positive influences are not exclusive to human relationships, but with furry friends as well.

There are many benefits to owning a pet, even later in life. The CDC lists the health benefits of pet-ownership including decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol levels and feelings of loneliness, and increasing socialization and exercise. Another positive health benefit is the production of “cuddle chemical” oxytocin, which regulates social interaction and is an antidote to depressive feelings. Oxytocin levels elevate when special bonds are created, including those between humans and pets.

The Lincolnwood area prides itself on the multiple parks and recreational paths that dot the landscape. Describing these shared spaces as the “crown jewels” to this pristine village, residents, visitors and their pets have a multitude of options to get out and enjoy the charm of this idyllic city just north of Chicago.

Furthermore, Lincolnwood boasts dog-friendly restaurants, and nearby canine activities.

The Carrington at Lincolnwood is a pet-friendly multi-acre senior living community, meticulously designed with the comforts and conveniences of its residents in mind.   The 13-acre landscaped pedestrian-friendly campus includes a fenced-in dog park.

It is so heartening to know that the strong connections in our lives that bring us so much joy also provide great benefits to our health and well-being. Though the research is encouraging, scientist do not have to confirm the effect of a good cuddle, a nice walk, or quality time spent with a good friend – human or pooch!


Get Moving!

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Welcome to the best years of your life…a time when you can trade responsibilities for opportunities. More freedom in your life means the chance to devote more time to the things you like to do, pursue your interests, develop new hobbies, and concentrate on yourself.

In order to get maximum enjoyment from your new-found freedom, you can’t overrate the significance of making fitness a top priority in your life. Important at all ages, fitness is especially crucial for seniors, promoting good health which in turn, helps to maintain independence.

Research shows conclusively, that fitness can help manage arthritis, improve heart health, prevent metabolic dysfunction, lower blood pressure, thwart insomnia, and actually increase life expectancy.

Furthermore, exercise is not only beneficial for the body of older adults, but also for the brain, by helping diminish depression, and even by helping maximize cognitive function.

Fitness can be achieved in so many different ways. A recent study found that simply walking for 30 minutes four days a week was enough to strengthen areas of the brain where weakened connections had caused memory loss in subjects aged 60-88. As research continues to confirm, any kind of workout can have a positive impact on mental health. This only further demonstrates the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

Just 10 miles north of downtown Chicago, Lincolnwood serves as a gateway to Chicagoland’s North Shore. A prosperous business community, beautiful neighborhoods, and an abundance of nature spaces to explore give this lovely community character, as well as multiple choices for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Situated on 13 pedestrian-friendly acres of park-like serenity and charm, the new residences of The Carrington at Lincolnwood represent more than the average senior living community. Within its own doors, The Carrington features many modern fitness amenities, including an extra-spacious wellness gym with cardio and strength equipment; massage room, indoor swimming pool for aqua therapy, exercise classes and water aerobics. Venturing outdoors, the green-space campus – with outdoor patios, courtyards, and walking paths – offer The Carrington’s ideal location, and gives residents immediate access to the amenities of the surrounding city of Lincolnwood.

In addition, the Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of adult fitness opportunities to appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities. Furthermore, the Department boasts more than 1,728 acres including 13 parks and miles of multi-use paths accessible for biking and walking.

Whatever type of recreational activities you desire, they’re well within your reach at The Carrington!

Shifting the Reality of Senior Living

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“We are shifting the reality of senior living, and allowing prospective residents to raise their expectations,” said Stephen Kennery, executive director of The Carrington at Lincolnwood, as he addressed a packed house during their New Look at Senior Living marketing event last week. “We can show you that The Carrington at Lincolnwood costs less than you’d expect, offers more amenities than you could dream of, and provides services that are unprecedented.”

The Carrington at Lincolnwood is a rental senior living community being built on a beautiful 13-acre campus in the heart of Lincolnwood. Set to open in January of next year, The Carrington will offer independent living, assisted living, and memory support.

“Surveys show that the most common objections for seniors who are considering moving from their home to a senior living community include expenses, leaving their home and neighborhood, and losing their independence. On the other hand, reasons that people do decide to move include fear of social isolation, freedom from home maintenance, the desire for amenities and activities, and the importance of a secure plan for the future,” said Carolyn Driscoll, residency counselor for The Carrington. “We are effectively able to dismiss your misgivings while reinforcing your motivation for making a move.”

“The Carrington is far more affordable than you might expect,” said Kennery. “As a rental community, there is no buy-in or deposit that would likely run into six-digit figures, so you don’t need to raid any of your investments for an entry fee. You simply pay a one-time $3,000 community fee, and a monthly rental fee.” In addition to the lower cost of this option, the month-to-month rental means that residents are not locked into a contract requiring them to stay. Furthermore, because residents don’t have to commit to staying, the staff is always on their toes to provide the very best service to keep everyone happy.

The independent living apartments at The Carrington feature nine-foot ceilings, full kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite counters, walk-in-showers, free Wi-Fi and Cable TV. Many of the apartments have large patios or balconies. Within the community are four libraries, an indoor pool, fitness center, multiple dining venues, and a hair salon/spa. On the grounds will be gardens, a dog park, and walking trails.

Reserved under building parking will be available for residents wishing to have their cars at The Carrington, as well as ample outdoor parking for guests. For those not wishing to drive, The Carrington’s ideal location places it close to shopping, restaurants, professional offices, and houses of worship as well as in close proximity to Chicago. “We offer free private transportation for outings and appointments, and will also have a special discount relationship with Uber and Lyft. So, residents will have an easy time and multiple options for getting to almost any destination,” said Driscoll.

One of the greatest advantages of life at The Carrington is that the community will offer a unique Life Plan program. In addition to providing independent living, assisted living, and memory support on-site, the community will also guarantee a 15-day stay at a preferred provider if needed for skilled care. “What this means is that if a resident is discharged from a hospital visit before qualifying for Medicare or has exhausted their Medicare benefits but needs skilled care, 15 days will be fully subsidized by The Carrington,” said Driscoll.

Attendees at the New Look for Senior Living were eager to set up appointments to visit The Carrington and learn more about their First Keys Club which provides discounts and priority reservations for the first people to make a refundable deposit to the community.

“Most often people who move to retirement communities say they wish they’d done so five years sooner because they so enjoy the socialization and amenities,” said Driscoll.

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The Perks of Renting

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“This model of senior living truly eliminates what can be a significant barrier for older adults wanting to make a move,” said Stephen Kennery, executive director of The Carrington at Lincolnwood. Under construction and slated to open later this year, The Carrington, which is located on a scenic campus in the heart of Lincolnwood, will offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care, all with simple monthly payments and no entrance fees.

“The fact that there’s no buy-in is key. With many retirement communities, residents have to make an enormous deposit to move in. That’s not the case in our rental community. Prospective residents no longer have to sell their home in order to be able to afford to move,” said Kennery. “Furthermore, they won’t have to tap into their retirement funds, and won’t lose any investment growth or tax deferments.”

Kennery said that despite the significant financial advantages there’s no trade-off in terms of diminished services. “We offer an amazing array of amenities including an indoor pool, fitness center, game room, hair salon, patios and courtyards, choice of dining venues, indoor and outdoor parking, scheduled housekeeping, transportation, 24-hour security, a city-operated EMT station and more.”

Moreover, unlike many rental communities, The Carrington offers different levels of care. “We provide independent living, assisted living, and memory support, all under one roof,” Kennery said. “Having advanced levels of care means that residents don’t need to look elsewhere should their healthcare needs change.”

Kennery pointed out that the fact that The Carrington is a rental community means that the staff will have to be on their toes. “We can’t woo prospects to move in and then not maintain our standards high once they’re here. We will have to keep providing the very best in services and amenities to ensure that our residents keep loving The Carrington, the place that they’ll be calling home,” said Kennery.

The first depositors at The Carrington will be members of the First Keys Club, and will receive a $1,500 credit towards moving expenses, a $1,500 credit applied to the community fee, and a $1,500 credit off the second month’s rent. In addition, members will receive a two-year lock on the rental rate as well as a capped increase thereafter for their entire residency. Other perks include the opportunity to host a welcome party, referral rewards of $1,000, free visits to the Style Salon, complimentary meals, and the ability to become a Carrington at Lincolnwood Ambassador.

See the story in Chicago Tribune.


First Keys Club Unlocks Value

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The First Keys Club of The Carrington at Lincolnwood is unlocking exclusive perks and deals. The Carrington, which will open later this year, is a senior living community located on a scenic campus in Lincolnwood. The Carrington will offer independent living, assisted living and memory care, all with simple monthly payments and no entrance fees or buy-ins. The First Keys Club is limited to the first seniors to reserve their new apartment home, with a completely refundable deposit.

“We are excited to be offering these special benefits to the first people committing to a residence reservation, and who will move into the community within the first 60 days of our grand opening,” said Stephen Kennery, executive director. “They will get their first choice of apartment, and will receive unprecedented special offers.”

Members of the First Keys Club will receive a $1,500 credit towards moving expenses, a $1,500 credit applied to the community fee, and a $1,500 credit off the second month’s rent. In addition, members will receive a two-year lock on the rental rate as well as a capped increase thereafter for their entire residency. Other perks include the opportunity to host a welcome party, and referral rewards of $1,000 and more. Additional benefits include free visits to the Style Salon, complimentary meals, and the ability to become a Carrington at Lincolnwood Ambassador.

MJ, who is a senior living in the area, said that she was excited to learn about the new retirement community opening in her area. “I’ve been considering a move for a long time because my house is just too big for me to take care of. But it was important to me to not have to leave my neighborhood. The Carrington is very close to where I live now,” she said. “I like the idea of it being a brand-new community.” MJ is impressed with The Carrington’s amenities which include a swimming pool, library and computer room, state-of-the-art fitness studio, onsite garage parking, salon, and more. Additionally, MJ likes the flexible dining program which allows her to choose the meals she wants in one of four venues she prefers.

As the first member of the First Keys Club, MJ chose a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor, with a lovely balcony. “I’m so excited for this. It’s beautiful, is in a great location and is reasonably priced. Right after I made my deposit, a good friend went over and reserved a studio apartment. I’m telling everyone what a great community this is!”

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